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What is YOUR attitude like?


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I have many posts on this site about how to change attitude problems in our children.  This is important to know how to do, but even more important for our family is knowing how to change our own attitude problems.

Let's face it, parenting is hard work!  There are many nights that I don't even turn over in my bed, because my body is so tired, it would take too much effort.  Life is hard, but it doesn't need to be miserable.  Part of self government, is knowing when you get to choose, and when you don't.  Attitude is always your own choice.

So what is YOUR attitude about your work as a parent?

"Exemplifying the Attitudes We Want Our Children to Have.  Until we feel about family work the way we want our children to feel about it, we will teach them nothing. If we dislike this work, they will know it. If we do not really consider it our work, they will know it. If we wish to hurry and get it out of the way or if we wish we were doing it alone so it could better meet our standards, they will know it."

A reader sent me this quote and I had to share it, because it is so easy to focus so much effort on teaching the children, that we forget about the greatest teacher of all; our example.  What a great reminder.

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