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The World's Strictest Parents (or World's Strictest Parents) is a television series developed by TwentyTwenty Television, originally broadcast by British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC). The concept is that two so-called teenagers are sent to live abroad with a strict host family for a week in an attempt to change their behavior. During the week they receive an impact letter from their birth parents with a list of issues they should try to fix.

The below videos highlight Hannah and James visit with the Peck Family in Tooele, Utah in the summer of 2009, and the mighty change which occured.

Viewer beware: These teens use crude language. You may not want to share this with your children.

Watch the full show here:

Follow Up Episode

10 Year Anniversary

For the 10 year anniversary of Hannah and James coming into our home we revisit many of the experiences we had with them and in the last video share a little about how they are doing today, 10 years later.

(Please note that deals mentioned concerning the Support GroupImplementation Course, and Parenting Mastery were only available during the live broadcasting of these videos. You can of course still sign up for them at their normal price.)

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