Video: Two Year Old, Sam, Teaches The Four Basic Skills | Teaching Self-Government

Video: Two Year Old, Sam, Teaches The Four Basic Skills


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Last week I asked for you to send me copies of some of the things you have done to implement Self-Government into your homes.  The things I recieved were amazing!  I can't wait until they are all available to you.  In the mean time, take a look at this video which was also sent to me showing a two year old, Sam, teaching his family a lesson about the four basic skills.  It is priceless.  Who says a two year old can't learn self-government?  Sam, is proof that two year olds need more credit.  He reminds me so much of what my toddlers were like.  I wish I would have thought to video them.  If any more of you have videos showing self-government in action please share them.  I am sure that many people would benefit from what you share.  And, if you don't have any already made and want to make some, we would love that too.  Sending out a big Thank You to Sam's parents for sending me this little treasure which is sure to melt your heart. 


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