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Tonight as I was sending my children off to bed, I felt like something was missing.  Then the words of Gene Cook came to mind.  He related in his book "Raising up a Family to the Lord" how he noticed that even his big children loved to get tucked in.  That is what was missing.  After our story and prayer, I had just sent the children off to bed quick because it was getting so late. 

I immediately stopped what I was doing and went to the bedrooms of all my children and gave them all kisses, hugs, and sang them songs.  This relationship building second is more important than all of the praises of the day.  This second of time gives love, comfort, and shows that the you want to make your child comfortable.  This is a huge lesson in love and selfless behavior to your child. 

Children are never too old for a good night kiss.  In fact, children who don't have frequent touch from their parents become disconnected, and selfish very quickly.  Luckily, there is a warning sign for a child who needs touch.  I have noticed that along with the disconnection comes moodiness.  If I ever see a moody child, I automatically assume they need to be touched by someone who can really show them they love them.  It can seem hard to reach out in that way to a moody person.  You may not feel that you can love them in that state. 

If you don't feel love for them when you notice the sign, then go pray until you feel love for them, and for guidance in how to touch your little or big porcupine.  Listen to your heart, and reach out in touch to your child. 

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