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Using TSG Skills


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Miracle Anger Cure: Managing Conflict

  Dealing with conflict is tough! Some days it seems like everyone is against you. No matter what you do, someone is offended and takes it personally. Then you take it personally. Then you start fantasizing ab... more

Communication Skills Training: The Teaching Tone

  “Porter, what is that?” asked my Chinese friend Phil when he was visiting our home this last week from China.   “The moon.” replied eight year old Porter as he looked at the sky.   “In Chinese th... more

How To Control Your Emotions

Buzz, buzz! “Why won't the flies stop buzzing around my head?” I wondered as I sat out in the mountain shade trying to digest my new book. First one, then four, all buzzing around my head. It seemed like it... more

School Problems? Making Your Child A Genius!

Many parents wonder what to do about problems at school.  Sometimes the best behavior therapy for classroom behaviors happens at home.  The video interview below discusses what parents can do about school re... more

Toddler Tantrums At The Most Inconvenient Times!

  “But, what do you do when they are screaming, and it's time to walk out the door?” a father asked me at a recent conference. “My strong willed three year old son is very difficult at those times.”  ... more

Child Discipline: Consequences For Children

  Question:   “What do you think about those systems of parenting that teach NOT using the words consequences or punishments. I know you don't use the word punishments and I don't much. But it is a script... more

Becoming A Youth: The Answer To Teenager Problems

  “I am not a teenager and here's why...” said a group of youth one day during a discussion on the article by Dr. Michael Platt, The Myth Of The Teenager. One after one each of the group of fifteen or so y... more
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