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Using TSG Skills


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Being Positive And Staying Positive

Have you ever had trouble looking on the bright side of a situation and staying there?  Listen to this audio clip to see what you can do to stay positive and keep your family happy!... more

Video Of SODAS

My daughter, Paije, and I were asked to do a podcast with Karen Trifiletti, the host of "I Believe."  This video is a portion of that podcast on the subject of SODAS.... more

Yelling At My Family: How To Break The Habit

The human voice is amazing!  Think of all the things it can do.  It can whisper, laugh, make animal noises, talk, sing, and yell.  All these different voice tricks are useful in commu... more

S.O.D.A.S. Journal

100 entries (2 pages each)This S.O.D.A.S Journal, an important part of the Teaching Self-Government family system, includes a very basic review of using S.O.D.A.S for problem-solving training, practice ideas an... more
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