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Children (4-10)


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Order at Home

One of my passions is astronomy.  When I go out in my backyard and look through my telescope at my friends, the planets and stars, I feel so close to God.  Not because heaven is in space, but because it is... more

"It's Bedtime"

Bedtime negative behaviors. my 5 year old just will not settle down. I get really frustrated with him. I don't feel like I can do the rule of three or extra chores when he is supposed to be going to sleep, and... more

Are you listening to me?

Q:  "With my 5 year old, when I am correcting negative behavior and I ask him to practice with me, he goes into goofy mode and doesn't want to practice correct behavior, or does it silly. Should I give him con... more

Stand For Something

     One afternoon my children and I went on a walk to our local library.  The library is about one and a half miles from our home.  After a great time reading and exploring together in the library, we st... more

Parenting On the Go ~Car and Store Struggles

Hi, Nicholeen,   I have a quick question for you.  I'm struggling with what to do for discipline/consequences when we're away from home.  (Specifically in the car or in a store.)   My kids tend to pick... more


My kids are really hard workers (At least I've taught them one thing right!) so they are not bothered at all by doing an extra job or even doing jobs for one hour or all day.  It's not their favorite thing to... more

“Mom is on the phone”

“I do struggle and maybe you could give me some advice.  I spend quite a bit of time with my kids in the morning going over little activities like school workbooks and story time and exercising together.  Y... more

Success Stories and Some Questions

Thank you so much for your teaching this subject! I purchased the CDs about two months ago when I heard about them through the LEMI mentors association, listened to them, took lots of notes, and put it into ac... more
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