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Top 10 Parenting Questions People Ask


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Top 10 Videos of Frequently Asked Questions


I get asked parenting questions all the time.  Frequently, I get the same questions over and over again.  So, I have taken the time to make video answers to the top 10 parenting questions I get asked.  Take a few moments to take a look and share them with your friends. 

They are FREE, but you need to log in to see them.  If you don't have an account click create account.  

Here is the list of videos:

What about back talking and attitude problems?

What about whining and tantrums?

What about crying?

What about teasing?

How long do I have to do this Self-Government stuff?

How do I get everyone on board with the family standard?

How do I get my husband to do this too?

How do I not have buttons for my children to push?

What if my child is out of instructional control forever?

What if my child just doesn't care part 1 of 2?

What if my child just doesn't care part 2 of 2?

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