Support Call 1-24-14 | Teaching Self-Government

Support Call 1-24-14


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Friday's call was full of so many good questions!  Here they are:

  •  If someone walks away during the Rule of Three, do they immediately earn a total loss of all priviledges?
  • My son has ADHD and I have a light case of ADD.  He doesn't know he has it yet, but I'm hesitant to tell him. He gets angry easily and doesn't like the Rule of Three.  Is it okay to give him time to calm down before starting the Rule of Three?
  •  What is it with 11-year-olds?  They seem to be the focus of a lot of the questions.  I have an 11-year-old and I need to know what to do besides accept hard knocks.  What would would you suggest?
  •  I want to have a Mentor Session with my ADHD son, but my husband thinks it wouldn't go well.  How would I run the Mentor Session and should I have one?
  •  My daughter stole out from midnight until two. Therefore, I didn't let her go to a dance the next night.  She was given an iPod and she has now bought herself one as well.  She has accounts on it that are not good and she didn't receive permission for those or the iPod itself. I've thought of multiple consequences for this.  I'm usually fine if she tells me, on her own, that she's made a mistake. But if I find out on my own, it bugs me a lot. What should I do?
  •  My 4-year-old son lost his movie priviledge and doesn't care that it's gone. I wasn't quite sure what to do. If I took him to Time Out, is it okay to hold him there?
  •   My son is often out of instructional control.  When he is, he thinks he can do whatever he wants.  He's gone for 9 days of being out of control before.  He teases his siblings and likes "talk time" because that is his love language.  How would you recommend I handle this?
  •  How do I bring together my job and my mission?
  •  What can I do to teach my 14-year-old daughter and myself social skills? Also, others are judging my decisions for schooling.
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