May 2020 Support Calls | Teaching Self-Government

May 2020 Support Calls


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Support Call 5-27-20

This Call Covers:

Teaching boundaries to young children

Helping teenagers overcome an attitude and stay calm at home

TSG and potty training

TSG is for Everyone!

Getting the whole family on board for devotional

Support Call 5-20-20

This Call Covers:

Doing the rule of three with teenagers

What to do when a child tries to order the parents around

Helping inspire a teen to launch into adulthood when they don't want to

What to do first in the TSG University

How to help children overcome anxiety with difficult assignments

Changes in the new editions of Parenting a House United

Support Call 5-13-20

This Call Covers:

Implementing TSG in hard times

How much time should TSG take?

Social distancing fears

Transitioning to homeschooling

Helping children who get distracted during SODAS

Bringing TSG to life

Tips on implementing TSG for new members

Support Call 5-6-20

This Call Covers:

Does correcting children harm them?

Young adults and their roles in the home

Digital boundaries with teens

Support Call 5-29-20

This Call Covers:

Small children who won't change their clothes

Organizing an effective family economy

Anxiety and school in small children

Mending relationships

The power of family scripture study

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