March 2020 Support Calls | Teaching Self-Government

March 2020 Support Calls


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Support Call 3-25-20

This Call Covers:

What is the proper balance of screen time during quarantine?

Helping calm pandemic concerns within the family

Children correcting each other

Support Call 3-18-20

This Call Covers:

Self government in a time of crisis

Siblings being silly

Calm down spot advice

Helping parents learn about your self government journey

Autism and being corrected by others

Support Call 3-11-20

This Call Covers:

Children who wet the bed

Helping younger children learn forgiveness

When your younger children want to earn money

Support Call 3-4-20

This Call Covers:

Helping young children who are afraid at night

Children who call people names

Helping children when they are being watched by someone else pt. 2

Small children who habitually power struggle

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