January 2020 Support Calls | Teaching Self-Government

January 2020 Support Calls


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Support Call 1-29-20

This Call Covers:

Nicholeen talks about mental health

Helping you children get good friends

Setting boundaries with friends

Support Call 1-22-20

This Call Covers:

Preventing yourself from micromanaging

Helping your introvert children "fit in"

Children going out of control

Using the 4 basic skills with other adults

Support Call 1-15-20

This Call Covers:

How to help my family understand my vision

Micromanaging and touchy children

Masturbation in teenagers

Helping a spouse change their attitude

Support Call 1-8-20

This Call Covers:

How to start from the very beginning with small children.

Stubborn children an accepting no answers.

Using SODAS as an adult.

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