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Support Group

Monthly Membership

The Teaching Self-Government Support Membership is designed to offer weekly TSG support for families as they are implementing self-government principles in their homes.

For many people, implementing a family self-government culture shift at home requires support. This is the reason Nicholeen made the TSG Implementation Course in 2011. She saw that families are more successful with self-government principles if they have support.  

This membership is specifically designed for those who want continuous, direct support. If you are ready for the full system, we encourage you to get the the Implementation Course. This monthly membership is easy to afford. The Support Group is only $9.95 each month if you have the Implementation Course, or $15.95 by itself.  That is the same as buying one plate of food at a time at a restaurant where you get smaller portions than if you went to the grocery store.

This Membership Includes:

  • Access to the weekly calls with Nicholeen, including the call archives and downloads.
  • Audio tips, movies, resources, and exclusive articles not available to the public.
  • Access to the support forum and TSG Facebook Support Group so you can get answers to your questions directly from those on the TSG Team.
  • Special discounts exclusive to those in the support group.

Enjoy the TSG Support Group!

For more information about the terms of the Support Group, please see our Terms of Use Information.

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