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The Power of Calm


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The Power of Calm


The Power of Calm: an hour-long audio class by Nicholeen.  "When I go speak to people around the country about the style of parenting I live in my home and the family culture I am passionate about, one of the biggest responses I get is, 'I think I need self-government myself before I can teach it to my children.' This is so true! It is hard to stay calm when you are under pressure and dealing with the stresses of raising children and living in our fast-paced world. In this class we talk about how fathers and mothers can tap into the power called 'being calm.' We also role play how you calm both yourself and your child down at the same time without having to lose your control. The first step to great parenting is getting yourself ready for the hard times which will inevitably come. Prepare for that future by listening and learning the power of calm."

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