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Parenting University Package


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Parenting University Package

Get everything in one package!

Over $900 value!

For years people have wanted personal mentoring from Nicholeen as they implement self-government skills and principles in their homes. This state-of-the-art Online Implementation Course along with all the other materials included in this package is the best way to get a full understanding of self-government and to get help along the way as the family learns, grows and implements the life-changing principles and skills Nicholeen Peck teaches.

This Package Includes:

The Implementation Course includes:

  • Teaching Self-Government 15-Lesson Family Tutorial included FREE (Viewable on the website, no DVD)
  • 26 advanced-level, online classes with all new material
  • Online videos of actual parenting interactions
  • Priority on your questions in the weekly group mentor calls with Nicholeen (only available as long as you maintain membership to the Support Group)
  • Support Group Membership FREE for the first month ($9.95 thereafter, a $6 per month discount!)
  • Lifetime access to online course materials
  • The TSG prompt cards to help with skills mastery (downloadable in the course only, hard copies purchased separately)
  • Printable Journal pages for meetings and problem solving exercises (SODAS)
  • More in-depth understanding of self-government and personal self-mastery
  • Stronger relationship strategies for husband/wife relationship
  • Suggested assignments for implementation success

Please note that the course material is online. No physical materials will be included. If you also wish to have the Parenting: A House United book and a physical copy of the Family Tutorial DVD we recommend the Parenting University Package or Parenting Essentials Package.


"Any time I can listen to Nicholeen, or read her writing, I do, even the same thing over and over again. Besides the high quality content she delivers, just her presence is inspiring to me and gives me a "look" at what I can be as a parent. Even with all the exposure I have had to Nicholeen's message, the Implementation Course took everything I have learned to a new level."

"It has added such a depth of understanding to the principles, it made me realize that everything else was just the tip of the iceberg. I especially appreciate her tips and answers concerning how to do this with older children and spouses who are not quite ready to jump completely on board yet."

"This course broke down the steps for me and helped me think more creatively about how to implement the principles in my own circumstances, without being "all or nothing" about it. With this new level of mentoring I have been able to keep moving forward andbe more aware of my own choices, to develop my own self-governing skills."  ~Kelli Poll

"Thank-you so much for developing the  Self-government implementation course.  After reading Nicholeen's book I was so excited to try it on my kids but I lacked the skills and the experience to implement the steps.  Everytime I listen to Nicholeen I learn so much.  Listening to her tone and advice has transformed our family!"  ~ Shaina Sala


When does it start? 

Whenever you want it too.  You get to go at your own pace.  You have it for life!  Some people do the online course in weeks, and others take their time and take months.  It's up to you. 

When does Nicholeen do the weekly calls and are they recorded?

The weekly calls happen each Friday at 8:00 am MST.  The calls are recorded so you can listen again, or for the first time in case you missed the call. The calls are only available as long as you are a support group member.

How often can I watch the videos and listen to the 26 new classes online?

As often as you want to.  All the material is on the Implementation Course and is meant to make your transition to using Teaching Self Government principles seamless.  

Does my spouse have to have his/her own account?

No, one purchase is good for you and your spouse.  Just share your password with your spouse.  However, only spouses are allowed to share memberships.  Anyone else sharing a membership would be dishonest and illegal.

How long is the Implementation Course good for?

You get the online course for life.  The Support Group with the weekly conference calls to answer questions is only for one month. But, if you want to continue after the one month trial it is only $9.95 per month.

How long do I have the course?

You have the online course for a life-time so that you can come back to again an again as your children grow and change.  

How long does the course take to complete?

Some people take a week to do the course, others take a couple of months.  It is totally up to you.  If you do all the assignments and quizzes to see how you are progressing it could take a bit longer.  

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