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Big Win for Quin


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Big Win for Quin

Accepting Consequences

Ten-year-old Quin has a problem not being able to accept consequences. He doesn't think things are his fault and always looks for someone else to blame. When he earns natural or synthetic consequences, like extra chores, he doesn't stay calm. He yells, pouts and can't drop the subject.

If there is a key lesson in learning self-government, it is this skill — learning to accept consequences. If a child can't accept a consequence, he can't learn to self-govern, because what happens will always be someone else's fault.  He will always think in terms of other people having the power to make him happy or sad, instead of possessing the power to control his own responses himself.

If there is one skill parents forget to teach and be consistent about, it is this one. Parents who don't teach children to accept consequences end up tolerating all kinds of unnecessary tantrums and attitude problems. If a family doesn't learn the skill little Quin learned in this book, to accept consequences, then neither the children nor the parents will be free from emotional bondage or find happiness.

As you enjoy this rhyming story and captivating, colorful artwork again and again with your children, they will learn important life skills for happy relationships at the same time.

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