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So Exciting!


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Ever since the 10 Step Implementation Course was released, people have asked me if I could take monthly payments.  At first we were not set up to do that.  But, now we are!!!

This means that if you have been hoping the 10 Step Implementation Course would be easier to afford we now have a payment plan for you. 

The course payment plan is: 6 payments of $50

Go Here   Choose Your Favorite Payment Option

You will recieve all the Gold Member Privileges:

* One Free:  Book Parenting A House United

*12 New Advanced Level Teaching Self Government Classes

*Weekly Mentor Calls With Nicholeen

*Videos of the Peck Family Demonstrating Self Government Intractions

*10 Easy Steps with Assignments

*Go At Your Own Pace

*Member Forum for Support 


Go Here to sign up.  Remember to click which ever payment option works best for you. 


If you want to continue your membership after your payments are completed, you can pay $9.95 per month for as long as you like to retain membership. 


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