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Separate Behaviors from People


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Most parents I know would say they love their children unconditionally.  This unconditional love is the most powerful kind of love there is.  Some Christians call this kind of love, "Christ-like Love." 

Feeling love for another person in your heart is not enough to make your love unconditional.  True unconditional love is a kind of love that can separate a person from his behaviors.  Can you see how this definition really IS unconditional? 

Parents must correct the behaviors of their children!  There is no doubt about this.  But, the correction of the negative behavior should never change the feeling of love from the parent.  The feeling of unconditional love is really what changes the behavior.  It is what shows acceptance, and support during times filled with teaching to negative behaviors. 

Don't forget to separate your child's negative behaviors from how you look at them as a person.  And don't forget to extend this same courtesy to others in your family and social circle as well.  When we look at the goodness a person can become, or was meant to be, then we can change their heart and their behaviors. 

Love ~Nicholeen

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