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Porter Peck Talks about James and Hannah


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I transcribed this rememberance of our BBC "World's Strictest Parents" experience straight from the mouth of my five year old son Porter.....The grammar is unedited on purpose.  This is how he speaks.  :)

My name is Porter and I am five 5.  James and Hannah came to stay with us and they were nice to me.  I remember that they liked to swing on our swings.  When they left our house I cried a lot because I was sad that they were going.  They were having attitudes a lot of the time and they wanted to smoke and drink, but that wasn't allowed on our family's standard.  In our family we don't drink alcohol, smoke, or go to the bar or those bad things.  My mom was talking to them about their attitudes, so they changed their attitudes to not have attitudes anymore. When we sang "Homeward Bound" we all started to cry.  Hannah taught us school and she read us the Little Red Hen and drew pictures with us.  My mom let her be the teacher of us one morning.  Hannah and James stayed at our house for 8 days.  And...that's all. 

Love, Porter and Hannah and James

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