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Strong Families Create a Halloween Sanctuary for Children


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When today’s parents were children, the costume was all about sticking out individually.

But today’s young people and families are leaning more and more toward theme costumes. Why is this?

Well, modern youth and families are more about togetherness than their parent’s generation. Also, the youth seem to recognize the power of community and/or the group as a greater power than the power of the individual.

This trend is empowering to many youth — but can be devastating to others. This new social mindset makes fitting in and having a group even more important than before.

As anxiety, depression and bullying are on the rise, one can’t help but wonder if the group mindset is also creating a socially fragile world for a large majority of youth.

Make the Group Mindset the Family

All the more reason to strengthen the family group! If the family group is healthy and strong, then the youth who don’t find a group to be part of outside the home will still have a sense of power and belonging that they need.

 One Halloween, my children and their cousins dressed up as the 7 dwarfs.   (See photo to the left— I’m not sure what happened to the 7th dwarf!) 

Creating themed costumes like these for your family can help increase family unity and give your children a safe, welcoming place to be on Halloween.

Have a Safe, Inclusive and Happy Halloween!

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