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Self-Government Teachers In Kenya Report In This Video


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In November 2015 we visited Kenya and taught many religious leaders, teachers, social workers, family advocates and parents how to teach self-government in Kenya. It was the first time we did a training like this outside of the United States. When we departed, we had a prayer in our hearts that the wonderful Kenyan TSG mentors would be able to have the impact they desired to have.

Kenyan families have a rich heritage and strong family bonds. But over time, just like everywhere else in the world, the Kenyan families have been negatively influenced by media, as well as moral and political corruption. Their families are struggling with similar issues as those facing U.S. families. 

So many of you selflessly donated generous gifts so that we could go do this humanitarian project. It was a project like none I have been involved in before and it was tremendously successful. In this video is a great peek into some of the success the Kenyan mentors are having. 

This video shows just two of the many TSG mentors we trained throughout Kenya. I love hearing from them and about their efforts in helping Kenyan families embrace the principles of Teaching Self-Government. 

I hope you will see the very positive impact the training is having half a world away. 

Thank you again everyone who made this possible! 

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