Black Friday through Cyber Monday deals 2019 | Teaching Self-Government

Black Friday through Cyber Monday deals 2019


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Black Friday and Cyber Monday are here! Here are the deals we've got for you this year that will be good Friday November 29th through Monday December 2nd:


50% off all digital products*. This includes our Implementation Course which is a must have for anyone trying to fully implement TSG!

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Click here to see the Implementation Course

*Does not include products not available on our website.

Parenting Mastery

Get $250 off (in addition to the Early-bird price!) Parenting Mastery training in February 2020

Only the first 7 people to register will receive this discount!

Click here to learn more


Mix and match all our physical products and packages for 25% off. Get 25% off pretty much everything else!

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Tell your friends about these deals, too. Give yourself and others the gift of peace in the family.

Sending you warm wishes this Holiday Season!

Make some memories and fun traditions this year!



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