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Nicholeen's New Book For Kids!


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Have you ever had one of those creative conversations with your children where you all get so excited that the talking never seems to stop and the energy feels almost electric?  Well, my children and I had one of those days this last spring and from that conversation, Londyn LaRae Says Okay!, a children's picture book, was born. 

Even though the book is still in the final phases of publication, it is being released today for pre-sell in celebration of 11-11-11.  The only time this date will happen for one hundred years.

Londyn LaRae Says Okay! is a children's picture book to help parents teach their children to follow instructions.  Little Londyn LaRae just can't seem to say "okay" when her parents and grandparents tell her to do chores or take on responsibilities.  She seems to always get distracted in some way or another.  

As Londyn goes throughout her consequence filled week, she learns a great way to remember the steps to following instructions and gives is a try.  

The captivating art, hidden pictures, and rhyming story are sure to make this story one your children will beg you to read to them again and again.  And, as you do, you will be enforcing the first of the four basic skills, with it's steps.  

Londyn LaRae Says Okay!  is the first book of a four book series.  The other books are currently in production as well. These books make great new parent books, as well as books for families with many children. 

REVIEW:  "Nicholeen has made what are sure to be very popular kids books!  Learning these skills just got so much easier; for parents and children." -Annmarie

The official release date is March 1, 2012!  We will ship them out to you that day.  Get Yours Today!

Written by Nicholeen Peck and Children

Illustrated by Becky Fawson

  • Hard Back Book
  • 30 pages long
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