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“Where there is no vision, the people perish…” (Proverbs 29:18)

I have a 20 year vision for my family:

"I will be 52.  My children will all probably have children.  We will be at the Christmas Dinner table talking about the latest great books we have read and how we are progressing in the specific missions that God has prepared for us.  There will be all of our traditional favorites on the table, which we will all have helped to make.  There will be gentle Christmas music in the background.  My Husband and I will have grey hair, because I am not sure if I am going to dye mine yet.  We will hold hands under the table, because we have focused on building our marital relationship over the years and are more in love than ever."

"The grand children will be excited for Santa to come.  They will be great friends.  They will be telling each other what they are giving to Jesus that year, because that is an exciting family tradition which we have.  They will reverently do the nativity and joyfully sing Christmas Carols with their parents."I will take them in my arms and on my knee and tell them the reason for that great holiday.  I will tell them inspiring stories.  They will look into my eyes with their large round eyes and see the greatness that I know they can become."

"Those large eyes, of the children, stick out to me more than anything else.  They will look to me with those eyes for a vision of what it means to live a fulfilled life.  To see what a person looks like who has dedicated herself to the service of God’s will; to see a grandmother’s love and knowledge."

I want to be that grandmother.  I want to be ready to teach and love the owners of those beautiful eyes.  That means I have to have vision about my life.  If I work on improving myself little by little, and on improving my family at the same rate, then I will be ready in 20 years for our family appointment.

What is your 20 year vision?

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