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All certified mentors have been required to attend a Parenting Mastery 3-day training as well as a Mentor Certification 4-day training and pass off personally with Nicholeen Peck. We do not guarantee whether any mentors will be available for mentoring services.

Name City State / Province Country Phone Email

Bill & Kym Peavoy

Cardston Alberta Canada 403-593-8123 [email protected]

Rachel Pulver

Maricopa Arizona United States 520-568-0295 [email protected]

Shilo Lindstrom

Cumming Iowa United States 8019277381 [email protected]

Jacob & LeeAnna Irving

Corinth Texas United States (832)264-0433 [email protected]

Trevor and D.D. Black

Apple Valley Utah United States 435-229-7098 [email protected]

Sariah Schmickrath

Highland Utah United States 435-213-0007 [email protected]

Ben and Bryony Wilde

St George Utah United States [email protected]

Janet Summit

North Logan Utah United States 435-890-0208 [email protected]

David and Melissa Eggertsen

Cedar City Utah United States 14355720344 [email protected]

Elizabeth Nielson

Kaysville Utah United States 801-660-4200 [email protected]

Natalie & Darrol

West Richland Washington United States 509-374-7484 [email protected]
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