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Living The Joyful Life: Audio Class


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If you need a self-government refocus here is a great FREE opportunity to hear a one hour class with new material! 

 I have been invited to speak on a Free tele-summit called Living The Joyful Life: Learn From 5 Expert Mentors on How To Have A More Passionate Marriage, Happier Kids, Abundant Finances, Get What You Want in Life and the Truth About Beauty!

*In my class I will be talking about two key elements that families need to be united, finding peace and happiness, AND how to make a deliberate social plan for your family. 


This Free summit will begin Monday Nov. 5th at 1 pm MST. The class schedule is as follows:

Mon., Nov. 5th at 1 pm Shannon and Dino Watt
Tues., Nov. 6th at 1 pm Nicholeen Peck

Wed., Nov. 7th at 1 pm Tony Purcell
Thur., Nov. 8th at 1 pm Valerie Ackley
Fri., Nov. 9th at 1 pm Amy Walker

It's ok if people can't listen in at that time, the host will send replay links to everyone who registers.

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