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"I really appreciate your detailed descriptions of what you do in your home, it really helps. Would you mind sharing some of the chores you put in your job jar? My children are 8 and 6 and I have the toughest time coming up with chores at the moment I need to give a consequence. I love the idea of a chore jar. Thanks!"

Here are a few ideas:

Wash garbages inside and out----organize movie shelves ------organize a drawer or cupboard -------clean out and organize the fridge or freezer or part of it -------clean the stove top -------clean finger prints off of walls, light switches, and doors -----detail clean the mixer ------clean out the microwave -------wash floor boards ------dust pictures and frames -----organize costume or game closet -------disinfect kitchen sink -------wash under the bar and stools ------polish faucets in the whole house ------clean out coat closet ------sweep porches -----wash a window and blind -----wash the car----wash cupboard fronts----wipe down furniture----dust picture frames----shine appliances----clean tile grout (with toothbrush)----water plants (if applicable)----deep clean toilet----wash shower walls----vacuum stairs (if applicable)----ETC

The list goes on forever.  I hope this gives you a spark to start thinking of what needs to be done at your home. 

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