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If it's right, it's right!


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The following question and answer deals with something that many families deal with.  In order to raise the kind of family that is going to reach our 20 year vision, we have to make choices that are different from the mainstream of society.  These decisions are full of rewards as well as challenges.  Trust me, the rewards far out-weigh the challenges. 

 "You mention something in the beginning of the first CD that struck me right off and I've thought about a lot ever since.  "I've often felt that the Lord has chosen me to stand apart from the world." I had been feeling the same thing before then, but you put it into words for me.  I don't want to go into any lengthy personal details, but I feel the same way.  And it's not always easy, especially when I see others stepping away because of choices that I feel are right for me even if they aren't right for everyone (like # of children, homeschooling, etc.).  It's really bothered me for the past several months."

When I was young I got the distinct impression that I was part of the special generation of people.  And, just because it was impressed upon me a long time ago, doesn't mean that it isn't still true.  I still feel the truth of this statement, and live every day of my life the way a chosen person should.  (OK, I'm not perfect, but you get the point.)

We are a chosen generation.  We are part of a chosen people, in a chosen land.  We have always had a HUGE responsibility to prepare the way for great things to come. Great times are coming.  Ordinary people like us have the extraordinary task of preparing the children in our lives to recognize good and evil and know what side they are fighting on.  Our children were chosen to be armed for battle by us.  There is nothing ordinary about this parental task.  We are working for the Master.  Even if we hit wall after wall and roadblock after roadblock, it doesn't change the fact that we are working for the Master of the Universe. 

Socially, some people will never win!  I am probably one of those people.  Not because I try to be offensive, but because I serve a higher master than my own vanity or society's standard. This can make me not fit in at times.  There is a scripture in the Bible that says that a prophet is always hated in his own land.  For many of us, that is a harsh reality.

Lately, I have also had attacks from people in my community because of choices that my family has made.  It hurts when you try so hard to love people and be friendly, and then find out that those same people speak judgmentally behind your back.  It feels lonely to be the only family around who says NO to some things because you see a bigger family picture than immediate entertainment.  I have felt all of these things; very recently in fact.

I have been impressed to feel pity for my accusers, and attackers.  The picture they have of life is negative.  They focus on destructive, bitter feelings.  These feelings hurt them, much more than they hurt me.  They are the real victims.  They hurt their own prospects for JOY, and don't see it. I have made a special effort to reach out to all the people who don't like me with a hand of kindness, and joy.  I have chosen to praise people in my community for all that I can find good in them.  Good makes good and bad makes bad.  The principle applies to all relationships.

I also had to look at myself.  I have been blessed with many truths and understandings that others haven't felt yet.  This is some times frustrating, because everyone wants to have friends to converse with on deeper levels.  How are you?  is friendly, but doesn't feed your soul's need for spiritual connection with other spirits around you. Looking at myself, I found that I must be humble.  I need to ask more questions, listen more, and talk less.  When I do offer up bits of wisdom I try to do it in a way that is sincere; done with the spirit of love.  If I don't feel that spirit, I don't say anything.  Now, sometimes they might still be offended.  That is OK.  They are probably insecure.  Security is part of maturity.  If you are patient with them, it could come in time. If you want to improve relationships  read "Bonds that make us free" If you want a clear picture of what it means to be a parent on a mission, read "The Dream Giver"

In "No One Can Take Your Place", Sheri Dew says that being a leader is lonely.  I have found that 100% true.  Part of knowing that you stand for something is also knowing that you have to stand apart from the world. Since I know this, I have decided that when ever I feel lonely, it is because I am a leader, and God knows that I can handle the pains that come from pulling away from the crowd.  That is why he put me here, NOW. Lead!!!  Know that there are other parents around this world that are leading with you.  You are socially alone in your battles, but that doesn't mean that you are alone in purpose or Spirit.  Being a GOOD parent is hard work.  But, "If life were easy, it wouldn't be hard", and then we wouldn't grow more capable to perform our God given missions on this earth.

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