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How Do You Get Them To Work?


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...yes but how do you get them to work? My oldest (5yrs) always has to get get a drink or suddenly is tired or has a tummy ache when ever she hears the word “work” or “clean up.” It’s too “boring” she says. I am not about to make work “fun” for her because it isn’t always fun thought the rewards of work are. But how do you teach that to a 5 year old?

It is best to work with your children on a regular basis, at least until they have developed a good work ethic.  Also, doing lots of family work will be great for your family relationships.  You don't need to make work a game or anything or have rewards, you just need to have good conversation while working to make it fun.  That is why we work as a family to grow closer together.  I hope this helps.  My children have chores they do on their own each day, but we also have times we work together.  This time is very unifying and is something they like.

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