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Healthy Recipes: Free Book!

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“Nicholeen, I have been trying to eat gluten free in order to help my child focus better. It's really hard, and my children don't like the food. They are super picky eaters. Are there yummy healthy food recipes for kids? Do you have any suggestions?”

One of my most popular articles is called “Difficult Children: The Nutrition Cure.” I think it is really common because parents are starting to notice that diet has an effect on the way they feel, and on the way their children behave. There are also many behavioral specialists who are prescribing special diets to help parents solve their child's behavioral issues.

Symptoms of autism and ADHD have been shown to significantly improve with a gluten free diet for many children.

I feel better, and can focus better if I stay away from processed foods, refined flours, and gluten too. Many people have this same effect.

So, the desire is to eat healthy and decrease foods which are not healthy. This goal is easy to say, but really hard to do for some people. It takes so much self-government.

I remember the first three weeks I ate gluten free I lost eleven pounds because I just didn't know what to eat. (Of course losing eleven pounds wasn't something I was complaining about.)

Well, over time I learned how to make really good tasting gluten free foods, but they weren't always so healthy. I noticed that even though they were gluten free they still had lots of modified, unhealthy fours and sugars. And these ingredients didn't help me have the energy I need as a really active mom.

So, I started trying alternative grains in my recipes like teff, amaranth, quinoa, montina, flax, buckwheat, and millet. This was a good switch. I even added green smoothies to my diet so I could absorb as many good nutrients as possible each day.

My whole family loves green smoothies. We learned about them from a book called: Green For Life by Victoria Boutenko.

But, not until I found two other books did I really start knowing how to help my family eat good whole foods on a regular basis and have it taste good.

Since there has been such an interest in how to eat gluten free, or change to a healthy family diet I am sharing these two books with you today.

Yummy Healthy Recipes

The first is Scratch by Tammie Duggar. Tammie eats gluten free if you are interested in that kind of cooking. She also cooks healthy regular foods for her family. Her book is a wealth of healthy eating. If you want gluten free recipes for free be sure to get the free gluten free recipe insert she is offering this month. Her book is a small binder and can easily take inserts.

The second recipe book which I absolutely love is called  A World Of Wisdom by Amy Cox Jones. Amy's book really goes back to basics. She tells you how to start with the raw grains and food and end up with tasty treats for your family which are completely healthy. We absolutely love her recipes: “Better Than Rice Crispies” and “Chile Quinoa Casserole”. The food is so filling, so we eat less and it is also so healthy because of its fresh ingredients.

A large percentage of the recipes are gluten free in Amy's book, but some are not. For instance, “Wheat Things” is a favorite, but we substitute ground millet or flax for the wheat germ, and a whole grain gluten free four blends for the wheat flour. We also occasionally add Parmesan cheese and garlic powder. My family loves these crackers in cheese ball for a lunch or special snack.

As a special Christmas gift to all my readers I have teamed up with Amy to offer one of you a FREE coy of A World of Wisdom. On December 17th we will announce the winner. Everyone who posts a comment on this blog post, and likes Amy and I on facebook will be in the running for a free book. All names will be put in a hat and drawn out on the night of December 17th.

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Amy's Nutrition blog and book

Well, I hope this helps all those who have asked me how to help your children eat healthy. This book should be a big help. I have loved it.

Now, don't forget, eating healthy still requires self-government. You have to accept no answers and follow instructions by eating right when an unhealthy snack looks tempting. But, as you eat better, you will lose the cravings for the yucky stuff.

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