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Praise for Parents!


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I want to thank you all for your great comments over the years regarding your success and transformation as parents! It's so good to hear your stories.  I'm constantly receiving emails with comments like, "I'm learning that I have the same behavior that bothers me about my child," or "I have [this/that] weakness that I'm working on."

Please keep your comments coming.

What amazing examples you are of parents who are focused on governing themselves. I hope you are all happier because of what you have chosen to see in yourselves. Recognizing a problem is the first step toward freeing yourself.

I just wanted to give you all a quick praise because you're becoming important pioneers in the parenting world. You should consider your efforts as signs of great parent leadership. 

Keep it up. I know it's hard to stay consistent. It's way easier to give in to what's happening around you. It simply feels more comfortable to give in.

If you feel too comfortable, that's your signal to find the next step you're supposed to take to not only better govern yourself but to also better inspire your child.

To fulfill this mission of all missions as parents, which we're called by God to perform, we need strength. Strength doesn't get acquired through comfort. We can only find strength when we stay consistent and beat the impulse to take the easy road.

Have you ever watched a river? It zigs and zags, always finding the lowest spot, until finally settling in the very lowest of places. Many people do this too. Always finding the downhill road is nothing more than "taking the path of least resistance." It's a dangerous path that only leads to stagnant water.

I congratulate all of you parents! You're making big changes in the way you communicate in your homes. This is a big deal. I promise you that you'll emerge a leader in your home, as well as one in your community, if you can communicate effectively and know how to understand what people need. 

Bless you all.


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