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Funny Parenting: Eye Opening If You Look Deep!


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This video is hilarious, but also extremely educational for parents. Look at what kinds of things the children have their parents say:

We always learn more from ourselves when we see ourselves through the eyes of our children. I think the guys who made the “Kid History” videos were very smart and have made many a laugh at my house. We even have our very own “Kid History” family skit which gets us rolling on the floor

Things to learn from “Kid History.”

  1. laughing is good to do with your family. Watch funny things from time to time and make inside family jokes.

  2. The tone of what we say impresses our children a lot more than what we say. (tone of the home is the most important part of what we teach our children)

  3. They really do hear their parents calling them 20 times in a row, but don't think it's really important to respond.

  4. The more fun an activity the better. Consequences aren't considered until later.

  5. Food is a big deal to most children and they have food cravings and anxieties

  6. They know we love them, but don't understand why we do some things.

  7. We don't talk to kids enough. We should explain more.

  8. And Last, actions usually happen before thinking for most children. (This can be changed with self-government principles)

This is another one we really like:

This was just for fun today, but I hope you looked at yourself through your child's eyes and learned something new while laughing your head off!

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