Family Tutorial DVD Pre-Sale: Positive Parenting Solutions | Teaching Self-Government

Family Tutorial DVD Pre-Sale: Positive Parenting Solutions


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Finally!  This is the product I have been wanting to make available to families for many years now is on pre-sale!  This pre-sale will only last 2 days!!!

This 5 DVD set called The Teaching Self-Government Family Tutorial shows live footage of

 when the Aponte family, which has 12 children, invited Nicholeen Peck to stay in their home for three days. 

Now you can see Nicholeen's nurturing parenting program in action!

During my visit to their home, I analyzed all the problem behaviors, taught correct behaviors and skills, and coached the parents and children through the parenting transistion. 

And, we got it all on camera!!!

Never has there been another parenting product like this before.  If you want to know how to better teaching self-government principles in your home, and want something to explain it all to the whole family in a reality TV-like experience, this is it! 

This movie is sure to create great discussions and lasting family change. 

Buy your copy today on pre-sale for about 1/3 the price of the list price, or sign up for the Implementation Course and get one sent to you FREE! 

The normal price of the 15 Lesson DVD Family Tutorial is $300.

For the next 2 Days, for pre-sale only, you can order it for $109, or join the Implementation Course and get it for FREE! 


At Last, the movie about parenting that is engaging to watch and 100% real footage of parents parenting and Nicholeen coaching!  There are no other parent workshops or parenting programs like this on the market.  After watching the Aponte family learn 15 Lessons of self-government, your family will learn the lessons too.

Watch it as parents or watch it as a whole family.  It is sure to make a self-government change in your family too. 

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