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Sometimes I get some stories sent to me which simply must be shared.  I would love to share one with you today.  This is a great family meeting success story which had me sweating for a few seconds:
<blockquote>We even had an emergency family council the
other day.  The kids didn't really believe me that I was waiting for them to
come up with a solution.  I told them that I was pretty sure that the
situation wasn't going to change because I was the one paying the price.  So
after I realized my mistake, I called the council to change that.  Finally
one of the kids said, "Well, ten lashes then."  I asked for other
suggestions and there weren't any<!--break--> (the older kids were slightly comatose!).
So I explained that before we had a final vote, I needed to know who was
going to administer the lashes and with what and on which body part.  I said
it with a straight face (we never use physical punishment).  My oldest 'woke
up', had some great things to contribute and then suggested a much more
applicable way of changing their behavior, we voted and adjourned.  Score!

I can't thank you enough for living your life as God asked you to live.</blockquote>
Love This!!!

The family really wants to see if your are going to stick to your system of government sometimes.  Be willing to stick to it until the final vote is over.  If for some reason your family is feeling cruel and unkind and wants to enforce hitting then as a parent you may have to step in and say, "I know we just decided upon hitting as a consequence in a family meeting, but our family vision will not allow us to create that kind of feeling in our home.  I think that decision is against our family vision and we need to decide upon something else." 

It is good to test the love and morals of the family, but don't forget your family vision if they don't snap out of it.  The family vision will not allow your family to do certain things.  Decide what those are ahead of time.  It will protect you all.

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