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Family activities don't necessarily need to be elaborate!  I am a bit of a romantic, so I always try to think up things that sound memorable. 

Tonight we drove around our small town until we found a place that had a lot of leaves that needed to be raked up.  We made the ever traditional huge pile of leaves and jumped in, rolled around, buried each other, took pictures, and wrestled a bit.  Soon it was time to go.  (the draw back of daylight savings time)  We decided that we didn't want to be done.  We wanted to take the fun home with us.  So, we quickly went home to get some strong garbage bags.  We packed six big bags as tightly as possible, and took them home for more fun.  I have never put so many people in garbage bags in my life.  We had a great time just packing them up!

There is not much better than laying in a pile of old leaves, on your stomach, with your four year old talking about funny songs.  I try to stash away beautiful memories like this for all the childless years ahead of me.  They really grow too fast! 

Don't forget, in all your hours of meal preparation, and family planning each day that an interactive activity is often more filling for your children than a great meal anyway, so play and love it! 

Build Family Memories, cause no one else will!  ~Nicholeen

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