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Changing generations


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The Universe is governed by laws.

One of those laws is that an older, wiser species comes before the new, innocent young of the same species to guide the younger toward right choices and acceptable behaviors. I have heard parents say before that their children didn’t come with instruction manuals. This is true, and each child is uniquely different, but I have wondered if parents make statements like these to make themselves feel better about not knowing what their child needs or how to communicate effectively. As parents, we are supposed to know how to raise our children. We are supposed to plan how we will inspire and direct our young. This only makes sense, so why then did no one ever explain all of the ins and outs of preparing to communicate with my children? I suppose the answer is that in our current normal society, we feel that this instruction is implied knowledge. For some it is, but for what I have found to be the majority, it isn’t.

When I was a young parent I also wished I had an instruction book as I was trying to meet the needs of my two young babies and keep house at the same time. However, after I got the opportunity to learn how to effectively communicate with people, especially children, through my foster care training, I didn’t feel like I needed an instruction manual any more. Parenting isn’t a do this then this kind of a thing. If so, we would be back on that assembly line. Parenting is principle based. It is also 50% good communications skills, including mastery of your own behaviors, and 50% intuition, or personal revelation. The kind of parenting I am talking about could very well change homes the world over, which in turn will improve the next generation of people and families.

We need children who will be able to solve problems because they know what self discipline means. A person that understands how to control their own behaviors can then be free enough to see new ways to lead our conveyor belt style society to freedom of thought and action as well. Conforming to an understood social norm is only freedom if you weighed your options and chose the assembly line, otherwise it is bondage.

This is why one of the most important things I teach in my home is Self Government.

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