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A New Look!!!

If you have been visiting Teaching Self-Government for a while you will notice we have a new look and new features to our site!  We are so excited to be off and running with a more user friendly, and nice look... more

KJZZ Morning Show This Friday

If you are up to watching television this Friday, May 14,  from 9-10 in the morning, Spencer and I will be appearing on channel 14 in Utah and surrounding areas.  The call station is KJZZ 14.  We will be fea... more

Peck Family on TV: Following Instructions

KJZZ television Morning Show  April 9, 2010Segment One: Segment Two: was also featured in a news... more

Become a Fan

Are you a fan of Teaching Self Government?  Make sure you join the official Teaching Self Government Facebook Fan page <a href=" more

Nicholeen Peck ebook ~Bad News

If you are looking for the ebook "Parenting A House United" by Nicholeen Peck you are in the right place, but it is no longer available. We encountered some problems and have chosen to only sell actu... more

Nicholeen and Spencer Peck on TV

This Friday, March 12,  Spencer and I will be featured to appear again for two segments on the KJZZ morning show.  This show airs in Utah on channel 14 from 9 - 10 in the morning.  This Friday's topic i... more


I just want all of you who have asked me questions lately to know that I have been swamped with questions.  I have a very long list at this point.  I am still working away at them, but only have so much time... more

James and Hannah Reflecting on the BBC show

Seeing James and Hannah so much improved and obviously happier makes it all worth it.  We love them!  Well done James!  Well done Hannah!  ~Nicholeen <object width="425" height="350"... more

Shipping the Book

I have told many people the pre-sold books would start shipping today.  I went to pick them up from the printer today and couldn't bring them home because there was a problem with the printing.  The pri... more
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