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New TSG Children's Book

Just in time for Christmas! The second children's book in the four book TSG children's series: Porter Earns A Quarter   Londyn LaRae Says Okay  inspired the children and families around the world to follow... more

Announcing: "Porter Earns A Quarter"

If you loved Londyn LaRae Says Okay, you will be excited to know that the second book in the Teaching Self-Government children's series is almost here.  It is in production right now and be available for pre-s... more

It's Finally Arrived! Londyn LaRae Says Okay!

 See the book and hear what Londyn and Porter think about it.  This book about teaching children self control has been a year in the making, but it is finally ready to own.  Comments about how wonderful the... more

Nails For Christmas: A Neighbor Gift Idea

Off Topic:  Christmas Ideas seem useful to me, so I hope they are useful to you too!    Our Love Is His Love   Christmas is about Christ. The day bares His name and should bring us closer to Him. It instill... more

Nicholeen's New Book For Kids!

Have you ever had one of those creative conversations with your children where you all get so excited that the talking never seems to stop and the energy feels almost electric?  Well, my children and I had one... more

So Exciting!

Ever since the 10 Step Implementation Course was released, people have asked me if I could take monthly payments.  At first we were not set up to do that.  But, now we are!!!... more

Free Book Give Away

Recently, momessentials asked me to write some posts and participate in a free book give away.  The book is my book: Parenting A House United. Here are the details to the contest:... more

New 10 Step Implementation Course

It's finally ready!  People have been begging for this! For two years I have been working on making what I think is the best I have to offer to help families succeed with Teaching Self-Government princip... more

Help For Teenagers: "I am NOT a teenager!"

If you are tired of teenage attitudes and problems this is something you will want to know. has a free book preview written by youth for teens. The book shows teenagers there is a diff... more
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