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What If? ---A Great Game For A Hilarious Family Activity!


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Happy Sala Family

"What if the Revolutionary War never happened?"

"Then cows would sing at baseball games." 


"What if sausage was a health food?"

"Then everyone would wear red shoes on Wednesdays." 

What?  Does any of this make sense to you?  That's the whole point.  This hilarious game was taught to me this last week by my children for a family activity. 

Everyone was handed six pieces of paper.  On three pieces of paper we all wrote silly "what if" questions, and then on the other three pieces of paper we wrote matching answers to our questions.  Here's an example of a matching set. 

"What if Dad had no teeth?"

"Then thumone would have to thquith his food and therve it to him as thoup." 

After everyone in the group had written their silly questions and answers then they were put into two piles; the "what if" pile and the "then" pile.  Then, in turn each person pulled out a "what if" slip and a "then" slip and read them out loud. 

At this point the family laughed like crazy.  Laughing is really healthy for people and for relationships.  If you need a laughing boost for your family relationships, you may want to try this game tonight.  But, be prepared to hear things like:

"What if plants spit at you?"

"Then...wait, that already happened." 


"What if tomatoes were a meat group?"

"Then we'd all die in a matter of time."


"What if it started raining balls of fire?"

"Then when you were done gardening, you'd be really slobbery." 

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