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Fun And Easy Christmas Craft For Kids


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When I was a little girl I remeber making Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy Christmas ornaments for our red, white and blue tree.  I also remember taking a yucky bite out of one of them too.  (Most children will try it once.)

Make a fun Christmas memory with your children today by making these easy salt dough ornaments.  They are cute and fun!

Recipe for Salt Dough Fit For Baking

Disolve one cup extra fine salt (or pickling salt) into one cup boiling water.  Stir in two cups flour.  Immediately turn out on to counter or table top and kneed until smooth.  (I like to put on rubber gloves because it's hot work.)  Add more water as needed to make desired consistency.  Should be fairly stiff but able to be rolled and molded.  

Roll or pat out and then press with your favorite holiday cookie cutters.  The ones with designs in them work best.

Use a drinking straw to punch a hole for hanging.  

Bake at 200 degrees for 30 minutes for each 1/4 inch of thickness.  Can increase cooking time if needed.  

Allow to cool then paint with standard craft paints that are used for painting wood crafts.  Let dry.  Glaze with Modge Podge or diluted glue for a shiney glaze.  Let dry.  Hang with ribbon or string.  

These fun, kind of old fashioned crafts add a personal touch to the Christmas tree and last for years and years.  

Have fun crafting! It makes great family memories! 

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