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From A Family In England!


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I thought you would like to see this.  This is an email I just got from a family near Nottingham, England that came to the Teaching Self-Government event we did there.  It was one of our smaller events, but still obviously worth it.  Read below.  Thank you all for your participation in helping this family. (and many, many others)  It is not often that people take the time to let you know what good you did, so since this was a group effort to help the Lord help this family, I thought I would pass it along.  Look how much the Lord loves this one family.  Look how many people he used to help them.  Thank you all!  ~Nicholeen  

"Hi Nicholeen,

"I hope that you and your family are well and we wish you all a very happy new year. I have been meaning to contact you for sometime and the pressures of life have kept me insanely busy.

"Firstly I want to share something with you that I have been meaning to share with you some time and yet I was not able to tell you face to face because I would cry. I want to share it with you because I want you and you family to know that your trip to England saved a family. I also want the people who donated money for your trip to know the miracle of their donation...

"When my husband and I came to the evening meeting in Nottingham we were separated, our marriage was pretty much over. We decided to come to your session to join forces in how to raise our children but in particular with the challenges we were having with our daughter. That evening was enlightening, you said many things things we felt were just for us and you left us feeling empowered. There were few people at that meeting which I feel was a massive blessing for us as we were able to spend more time talking with you at the end. You then kindly agreed for us to come and meet you with our daughter the following day and despite knowing you would be tired you agreed. You met with our daughter and us and all that you said was enlightening and we attended your day session the following day. Throughout our time with you, we felt we would forge together, giving our marriage another go and implementing your strategies with our daughter. Things have improved greatly...Our daughter follows the consequences such as a chore and beyond... I want to thank you, your family and friends because you are truly sent from God."

From England with love...

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